Nyeemah Soulsayer

Healer’s Oracle


Beautiful Soul!

I am Nyeemah SoulSayer

Oracle, Spiritual Intuitive, Spirit Guide, and Dream Walker

Here we open spaces that we relax, receive, rejuvenate.  Learn to walk freely, fearlessly, in inner spaces.

All is open to us most luved by we.

We Are All Welcomed to Be In The Luving Spaces of

Deeper and Deepest Awakening.






Music Makers


Midwives, Dulas

Traditional Healers

Spiritual Healers

Medical Doctors and Nurses



Social Workers

Community Advocates/Activists




Re-birth and Re-member

Open to Your Deepest InSights


This Deepened Awareness Connects

Soul Spirit Heart
Our Center Selves
We are formless beings
We have chosen to come here into this space as formless beings
We Have No Beginnings
We Have No End
We Are One
We Are Luv





Becoming Aware of Your Intuitive Self to Reach Your Inner Guide

Group Workshops

$150.00 per attendee

We Luving We

We Seeing We

Our Truth, Our Inner Voice

In Site Inner Site

Intuition is natural

Sit with our guides, ancestors, angels

Listen and Hear

Being Still

Being Brave

Emptying, NoThing


Up to eight persons per workshop.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

You’ll need a  mat or personal rug and small pillow to support your back and/or head


Just for You

Private Sessions

$300.00 for 2 and a half hours  – by appointment only

You will receive a recording of the healing session

An in-depth look into inner seeing, site

Clearing the energetic fields along with any doubts or negative thoughts.  Instead being easy in knowing that these natural abilities you are experiencing have always been precious, valuable gifts.

You can finally rest assured that what you are wanting and needing to express through these beautiful gifts is as comfortable and natural to you as your smile.

There are endless ways to become very comfortable in these ways.

Journeying into the formless, unencumbered.

Journeying into darkness (womb) where creation exist.