Nyeemah Soulsayer

Us Most Luved

Rainbow Wings

When our thoughts have quieted
And our spirit is still
We begin to hear the sun’s shine
We begin to feel it’s vastness
as it builds we inner see
And bask in it’s warm aftermath
We receive and get deeper
As we crescendo into bliss
Yes sun kissed our hungry flesh
Like A true lover
Takes that blissful feeling
And creates it pure energy
Lays us in a warm breeze
Gives us precisely what we need
Fills we full of light.
Yes we sweat luster
As sun beckons wind friend
To come lick us a cool one
We shiver breaths of contentment
Then into Luv spaces We become
I became quiet
For the first time
My spirit still
I hear the suns shine
It is good to be here
One in its vastness
I Receive
Move Deeper
And Crescendo into Bliss
Yes sun came to kiss my beautiful flesh
Gives me precisely what I need Yes
Fills me full with light
Come close now and hear
freedom glisten
Come witness the births of nations

Be Well
Nyeemah SoulSayer