nyeemah soulsayer

A Luv Dance

The Dream Dancers Realm

A Dreamers Dream

I saw me in a Dreamers Dream

I was dreaming of things 

only Dreamers Dream

Like being colors

Like floating with the breeze 

And the Trees are my Friends

And I have no enemies 

The birds came to sit with me

They asked me to

Please Sing for We

So I said OK

I said

I can fly

I said

I can fly

I said I can fly with U

They said

Open Your eyes now and see

U Are We and We Are U

Here in Your Sky 

Free and Clear

We’ll show U that

There is not

This is not the end of Your line

But Brilliant beginnings 

You Can Fly

With no reason 

but what Your heart desires 

You Can Fly

I said

I can fly too

I said

I can fly

I can fly with You


My world broke wide open

And I saw Myself Dreaming

I believe that I can do everything 

And anything 

And all things

And all things were being all that they were

And I came to my senses 

And believed my senses were

I had no beliefs and my senses were my Free form of being

And the birds came 

And they said to me

You Are Free

And I said


Iiiiiii’m Freeeee

I said

Iiiiiiii’m Meeeeee 

Iiiiiiii’m Freeeeee


I said

I’m Free